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McDonald's 推出多项新美食

马来西亚的麦当劳,配合即将来临的世界杯,推出了新的美食,或者重新推出一些令人怀念的美食,其中就包括了去年卖断市的D24 Durian McFlurry、巴西里约风味的Rio Burger、以及Mega Fries。

1. Durian McFlurry 

马来西亚麦当劳在去年2017年的8月份,推出了D24 榴莲口味的Durian McFlurry。当时在推出了短短大约10天的时间罢了,麦当劳就宣布这款Durian McFlurry已经卖完啦!而如今终于重新的推出,这次你得把握机会去尝试咯!

All hail the king of fruits because it's back! Savour the heavenly taste of creamy D24 durian in the D24 Durian McFlurry™ and McFlurry™ Party for the ultimate indulgence you've been waiting for.

The creamy goodness of D24 Durian McFlurry™ - vanilla soft serve mixed with real D24 durian, is the perfect treat for durian lovers. As for Durian McFlurry™ Party, it's packed with extra serving so that everyone can enjoy the rich D24 durian in vanilla soft serve, layered with crunchy chocolate bits. It's truly a party of flavours. 

Available for a limited time at McDonald’s® Malaysia, so hurry, don't miss out!

2. Mega Fries

看着世界杯比赛时总该来点零食,而麦当劳的Mega Fries就是一个不错的选择吧。喜欢吃麦当劳薯条的,可以去吃个够咯!

Fans of fries, unite! Bigger is better when you have the NEW Mega Fries to accompany any McDonald's meal. Share the love and celebrate with Mega Fries today.

3. Rio Burger 

里约汉堡回来了!而今年还推出了鸡肉口味的呢,让那些不吃牛肉的也可以尝试Rio Burger充满着巴西风情的口味。

Let your taste buds dance to the Brazilian rhythm in this fan favourite - Beef Rio Burger. Juicy beef patty topped with Spicy Rio sauce and fresh vegetables, in a burst of colour, all in a football bun. 

Not forgetting chicken lovers, this year it comes with the NEW Chicken Rio Burger! Whether it's beef or chicken, bite into the Rio Burger today, best enjoyed with a fizzy Coke McFreeze™ and a serving of hot Mega Fries.

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