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TM 推出新APP帮你优化WiFi

使用Unifi 及Streamyx的WiFi时,总是面对一大堆的问题吗?如今TM 推出了Wifi Optimiser Tool,帮你优化你的WiFi。

TM 最新推出的这一款APP ,名为Wifi Optimiser Tool,只需30秒的时间,就能分析和优化你的WiFi性能。

一旦用户安装此应用后,用户就可以点击Wifi Scan,接着应用就会自动优化用户的Wifi。优化完毕后,此应用还会生成Wifi 表现报告(多少用户连接着Wifi、Wifi 信号强度等)及建议用户如何提升Wifi 的性能。

值得一提的是,Wifi Optimiser Tool 还可以检测周围的环境,以建议用户选择最适当的Wifi 频道。

目前这款APP仅限于android用户使用,Unifi 及Streamyx的用户可以去到Google Play Store下载这款APP。


Boost your WiFi performance! Easily scan, analyse and optimise your WiFi network with this tool. Works best with UniFi and Streamyx.

• Analyse your WiFi performance.

• Easily and quickly switch WiFi channels to boost your WiFi performance. 

• Get it done under in 30 seconds!

• Detailed report of your WiFi network. 

• See the number of WiFi networks in your area. Check if your WiFi channel is congested.

• See how many devices are connected to your network. And much more!

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