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6月15日起旧Maybank2u App将无法使用Mobile Transfer功能

根据Maybank 网站的消息指出,从2017年6月15日起,Mobile Transfer 功能将只能在新的 Maybank App 使用。

如果你想使用这项Mobile Transfer功能的话,就必须下载和使用最新款的Maybank app,而旧款的Maybank2u App从6月15日起无法享有这项功能。

所谓的 Mobile Transfer 就是用户可透过 Maybank 发出过来的 Collect Code 领取转账。Maybank 用户透过 Mobile Transfer 的方法转账给你后,你将会收到Maybank 发送的手机简讯。在手机简讯中将会显示 Collect Code,你只需前往ATM 输入该 Collect Code 就可领取存款啦。你也可以登录 Maybank2u,输入该 Collect Code就可获得该笔存款啦。

Mobile Transfer 的好处包括了:

1. 出门忘记携带钱包,这时你可以要求亲人或朋友转账给你,然后你收到 Mobile Transfer 的 Collect Code 后,前往附近的 Maybank ATM 进行提款。

2. 转账给他人,而不需要让对方知道你的银行户口资料。

Dear valued customers,

Starting from 15 June 2017, sending and receiving money with Mobile Transfer will be available exclusively on the new Maybank app. This service has been improved with these conveniences:

- Only Collect Code is needed for collection, no more Transaction ID required.

- Receiving of Mobile Transfer is extended from 48 hours to 7 days.

With the launch of this service on the new Maybank app, please take note that the sending of Mobile Transfer on the existing Maybank2u App will be discontinued on 12 June 2017. However, the receiving of Mobile Transfer on the existing app will still be available until 15 June 2017.

Want to experience the convenience? This coming 15 June, download the new Maybank app and send money with Mobile Transfer.

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